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Full Service Design

You want your home designed from the tiles (in a renovation) to the textiles (in a full furnishings project), or either one on its own.

This service involves the reimagining of a space and its potential through learning your vision, planning the flow of movement through the space, and designing, selecting, sourcing, and installing everything in way that beautifully reflects you and your lifestyle.

You are about to embark in a new construction project, renovation, or have a full design project where you will need a renovation management expert to oversee and advocate for you during your project.

Through regular communication with and management of the contractors needed for your renovation, I ensure that the project moves through a clear process with goals and timelines, and that the experience exceeds your expectations. I guide the process from demo to final walkthrough, advocating for you, managing challenges, keeping you informed, and keeping focus on our big-picture goals for your space.

You're on a budget, have a shorter timeline, need a furnishings design plan, and want the flexibility of ordering and installing in your best timeframe.

This service is a great option if you need help with space planning, furniture selection, design concept creation. You'll receive a list of product purchase links upon the completion of your design.

This first and foundational phase of the process is where I learn more about you and your desires as well as what needs to stay, change, or improve.  We’ll also create a clear timeline and scope for your project.


My Signature 4-Phase Process

Throughout this phase, extensive research is poured into the design of your project, involving estimates, sourcing, and site visits.  This is when any needed renderings, floor plans, and detailed lists of your finishes are developed to help us visualize what's to come through the design presentation.


Based on our finalized design plan and payment, orders are placed, tracked, and received to ensure all items are exactly what we wanted, in tip-top condition, and stored properly.  If challenges pop up with orders, we communicate with the vendor and you, to troubleshoot.  Construction is usually initiated during this phase.


This is when your furnishings and finishes are brought into your home, placed, and styled properly.  Construction is finishing as well.  It’s amazing to see your dreams come to life when everything comes together. In this phase do a walkthrough, punch list completion, final photos, and closeout.


Your questions, answered.

I invite you to take a look at my signature 4-phase process, outlined above —this will give you a good understanding of how most of my projects flow. Having a clear process allows for my focus and attention to remain on providing an excellent experience and design outcome. That being said, I pride myself on crafting custom experiences that align best with a client's goals, timeline, and preferred investment. Your project turning out better than you imagined is always my intention, and I approach each client relationship with openness, honesty, and professionalism. 

My ultimate goal is for you to feel comfortable with and completely informed on your project's investment. I pride myself in my pricing transparency, with no hidden fees or invoices that you're not expecting. The pricing you can expect will be based on a fixed fee that is crafted according to the project's scope, our vision, and your needs.

My "Virtual Design" option is a fantastic fit for clients who have budget or timeline restraints, or for those who want to purchase, track, manage, and install furnishings on their own. Within this package, I can help with space planning, furniture selection, and design concept creation. You'll receive a list of product purchase links after our design is complete.

If you're looking for a more all-inclusive-style service for your home's full design or renovation, then our "Full Service Design" package will be the best fit for your project. This involves planning, renovation management (if doing a renovation or remodel), sourcing, ordering, and on-site installation of all furnishings and finishes like lighting, drapery, and styling. I have relationships with trade vendors who allow DJD access to pieces that aren't available to retail shoppers, making this package a great fit for someone wanting a completely unique look.

Trade items are sourced from showrooms and manufacturers who have exclusive relationships with design studios like DJD, and do not offer items to the public on the retail market. My trade relationships allow me to source and purchase items for my clients that they wouldn't have access to otherwise.

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